Pros & Cons About Living in The Villages, FL

Dated: October 12 2020

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Lake Sumter Landing, The Villages Florida

You may begin to realize The Villages is not perfect once the Kool Aid starts to weaken. There are a lot of positive and negative things about The Villages, Florida. Some are pretty obvious and others are not always thought about until after you make the move to this fantastic Shangri la. Today I'm here to share 5 things I love about The Villages and 5 Things I hate about The Villages.

Let's start with the 5 things I feel are negative aspects of The Villages. Why the negative first? Because I like to end with a posative note.

1. Tropical Storms & Hurricanes!

Tropical storms & Hurricanes would be the biggest Con by far!

Tropical Storms are a common occurrence in the State of Florida. The Villages is no stranger to these storms.

Hurricanes are probably the most thought about problems from people thinking about a move to Florida! The good thing is hurricanes tend to lose their steam when they reach our area. There are still strong gusts and you should never take a storm with a grain of salt. The storms are not as damaging as they are when they hit the Florida Coastlines. 

2. The Heat!

The heat is one of the things some would love to change here, but you can always escape the heat with a lovely invention called Air Conditioning. Whether you are here to retire, move for work, or taking a casual drive you can escape the heat. 

3. Bugs!

We have love bugs which are appear heavily 2 times a year for about 2 weeks. These bugs will damage the paint on your vehicle and tend to be everywhere in the season.The next bug is mosquitos. We have some large enough to carry you off (just kidding). They do eat you up from dusk until the morning if not properly addressed. Another lovely bug in Florida is the Palmetto Bug, commonly known as the cockroach. There are many varieties of this type of bug. The good thing is they can be controlled with proper pest control. 

4. Roundabouts

The roundabouts were designed to use less stoplights throughout The Villages. They are a good idea, but can be very confusing to visitors and new Villagers who don't know how to use them. Other confusing aspects to The Village roundabouts are 2 lanes. People tend to cut across when they are in the wrong lane which, you can imagine, is very dangerous. 

5. Isolation! 

The Villages is a 55+ Community that is isolated from other highly visited areas in Florida. You are about 1 1/2 hours from the nearest airport, 2 hours from the beaches, and 1 1/2 - 2 hours from theme parks. On a positive note, the traffic from the mentioned are limited to those areas. The Villages has so much to do, you may not mind being far from these areas.

1. Amenities! 

Some call The Villages "Disney World for Retirees" I have to say The Villages has created the most self sustainable community anywhere I have every heard. Everything from grocery shopping to golfing can be done by golf cart. There are some residence here who do not own a car.

You can enjoy 3 different Town Squares! These Squares are designed with different themes and all have nightly entrainment from 5pm to 9pm. Park your car, or golf cart and sit down to a meal at one of the restaurants around The Village Squares. Other restaurants are located in hundreds of Village owned shopping plazas throughout The Villages which are also accessible by automobile, or golf cart. 

Do you have a hobby? Most likely there is already a group for it here. From flying to basket weaving and everything in between. There is something for everyone!

Want to take a ride to the closest casino, cruise ship, or theme park? No problem! Charted buses are constantly going to different destinations. 

2. The Cleanest Town I've Ever Seen

The Villages is great at keeping their town clean. Trash on the streets within The Villages is picked up immediately. There are landscapers out daily trimming trees, replanting flowers, weeding and making The Villages look incredible. 

3. Golf! Golf! Golf! 

There is plenty of golf. The Villages has more holes of golf than any other community in the world with currently 693 holes (42 Executive and 12 Champion courses) and about 10,000 tee times available daily. 

4. Winters

Winters in The Villages are quite mild in comparison to the rest of the country. I have seen temperatures in The Villages from the high 20s to over 100 degrees over the past 20 years. The average temperature lows in the October to March winter months is 56 degrees.

5. Cost of Living

The Villages and State of Florida offer reasonably priced items from food to real estate. We have clients moving to The Village Destination from areas around the World. With homes from the low $100,000s to over a $1 million the cost can be very affordable. Some visitors think The Villages is way out of their budget until they speak with us and find out they can get a home for just over $100,000. Checkout the RE/MAX Freedom website for Villages Homes in your price range. CLICK HERE  RE/MAX Freedom has the most comprehensive searh of Pre-Owned Villages on the internet.

The pros and cons about are just a summary of what The Villages has to offer. Please contact us with any questions you might have about The Villages. My RE/MAX team and I are always happy to help. 

My next article will be: "When Purchasing a Pre-Owned Home, Do I Need a Realtor & a Villages Developer Sales Person?"

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Pros & Cons About Living in The Villages, FL

You may begin to realize The Villages is not perfect once the Kool Aid starts to weaken. There are a lot of positive and negative things about The Villages, Florida. Some are pretty

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